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Sat, Apr. 12th, 2008, 09:43 am
becauseshewas: Come see CELER in WASHINGTON!



So everything is arranged, and we are performing 'Mesoscaphe' with Mathieu Ruhlmann at the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival On April 26th. The day will also feature a special performance by Mondii of Spekk!

Also, we have just recently heard this news for all the people who buy all-festival passes- FREE SPEKK CD'S!!!

Here's what the BEAF site says..

Need a little incentive to buy an all-festival pass?  How about free cds? One of this year's sponsors is Tokyo based Spekk Records.  Established in January 2004 by Nao Sugimoto (aka mondii), Spekk explores and focuses on various interpretations of minimalism ranging from experimental electronics, electro-acoustic to field recordings and unclassifiable tones... whether they are structured / non-structured or improvised / non-improvised or even just documents of phenomena. All the artwork is designed by mondii & uison in custom made book-shaped paper packs.
Spekk is just one part of Nao Sugimoto's Nature Bliss INC., which is comprised of 3 separate record labels.  For more information about Spekk and Nao Sugimoto's other labels check out the following links:

We really hope that people will come and support the BEAF festival, its going to be very exciting! Come and see us on Saturday!


Chubby Wolf (Celer spin off)

Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 04:28 pm
carolinembreece: Teresa Barrozo (b. 1982)

TERESA BARROZO (b. 1982, Manila, Philippines) is a Composition major from the University of the Philippines College of Music (UPCMu). She has studied under Prof. Ma. Christine Muyco, composer-conductor Josefino Chino Toledo and composer-ethnomusicologists Dr. Jonas Baes and Dr. Ram�n Pagayon Santos. She has also studied film scoring under acclaimed film composer Nonong Buencamino at the Asia Pacific Film Institute.

Barrozo served as the Chairperson of the University of the Philippines Composers of New Music (CONEMUS) and is presently a member of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), Asian Composers League (ACL) and ACL Philippines. She was a featured composer in the 2004 "Outstanding Music Students Concert" of the UP College of Music and is currently an arranger of the world-renowned UP Concert Chorus (UPCC) . Last 2003, Barrozo participated in the 23rd Asian Composers League Conference and Asian Music Festival in Tokyo, Japan where her work Paglingon was premiered by Russian cellist Dimitry Feygin. Last 2005, she participated in the 25th Asian Composers League Conference and Music Festival in Bangkok, Thailand where her electroacoustic music composition bigKAS received its world premiere. Barrozo currently collaborates with filmmakers, choreographers and other multimedia artists bringing contemporary classical music closer to the Filipino audience.

Taken From: http://www.teresabarrozo.tk/

Sound Samples: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=183347

Fri, Feb. 15th, 2008, 09:12 pm
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Jennifer Butler

Composer Jennifer Butler is currently living in Vancouver. Her music has been performed by many Canadian ensembles such as: Arraymusic, Four Gallon Drum, Standing Wave, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vertical Orchestra, and the Ad Mare Wind Quintet.

As both a composer and a performer, Jennifer often collaborates with other artists on multi-disciplinary projects. Her most sustained collaboration is through CURV, an experimental ensemble with composer-performers Kristy Farkas and Marci Rabe. CURV is currently preparing a large collaborative work with Continuum Contemporary Music in Toronto for this April.

In September 2004, Jennifer returned to UBC in pursuit of a DMA and is currently planning a thesis project that explores the history of women as creative artists. Her other current project is creating a series of etudes adaptable to various interactive electronic instruments using MAX/MSP.

One of Jennifer’s major artistic influences over the past eight years has been her involvement in R. Murray Schafer’s annual theatrical project And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon. She is also an associate composer with the CMC and sits on the boards of Vancouver's Standing Wave, Redshift, and Pro Musica.

Taken From: http://www.myspace.com/jaebutler
Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/jaebutler

Fri, Jan. 18th, 2008, 09:44 pm
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Jennifer Fitzgerald (b. 1975 - d. 2007)

Biography by Jennifer Fitzgerald

I was born in Queens, NY but now live in sunny, summery Appleton, WI and teach composition at Lawrence Conservatory. I'm currently working on an opera inspired by Megan Marshall's Pulitzer-Prize finalist, The Peabody Sisters. Librettist Elyssa East and I are focusing on the secret love-triangle between the dashing and brooding Nathaniel Hawthorne and two of the Peabody Sisters - the spectacularly intellectual transcendentalist Elizabeth and talented painter Sophia, who is plagued by crippling migraines. The opera began as a project associated with The American Opera Projects "Composers & the Voice" workshops.

I've received awards and fellowships from the American Composers Orchestra, the Aspen Music Festival, Meet the Composer, the Millay Colony and others and I was a finalist for the National Symphony Orchestra's American Residency Commission in North Carolina. My music has been performed by artists including pulsoptional, Robert Black, Capital M, Innovata Brass and Dan Trueman and has been featured at such festivals and venues as the American Dance Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, the American Opera Projects Space, Duke/UNC Milestones Festival, Columbia University, Tufts University, Adelphi University and Vasser College, as well as rock clubs, cabarets, bars and alternative spaces internationally.

I often write for unusual instrumental combinations as the result of my years as the pianist for pulsoptional, "North Carolina's Band of Composers", that boasts the highly unusual instrumentation of oboe, bassoon, violin, two electric guitars, percussion and piano. pulsoptional's eponymous debut album features my piece How Terrible Orange. Find the CD and mp3 samples here. Read Joshua Nemith's album review here.

Other upcoming projects include Diagnostic Tools for alto saxophone and sampler, written for the phenomenal Steven Jordheim and Motion to Table for the exciting new music ensemble Quorum Chamber Arts Collective.

The 411: I studied composition with Anthony Brandt, Stephen Jaffe, Anthony Kelley, Scott Lindroth and John McDonald at Tufts University (BA, 1997) and Duke University (AM, 2001; Ph.D., 2005) and with Steven Mackey and Christopher Rouse at Aspen. I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Lawrence University. I was formerly a Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellow and in a previous life taught at Duke University and the Duke University String School. I live with my significant other Charles, our dog, Persephone and the krazy kat, Sonya.

Taken From: http://www.jenniferfitzgerald.com/

Jennifer Fitzgerald (b. 1975) is the recipient of awards and fellowships from the American Composers Orchestra, the Aspen Music Festival, Meet the Composer, the Millay Colony and others and she was a finalist for the National Symphony Orchestra’s American Residency Commission in North Carolina. Fitzgerald’s music has been performed by artists including pulsoptional, Robert Black, Capital M, Innovata Brass and Dan Trueman and has been featured at such festivals and venues as the American Dance Festival, the Duke/UNC Milestones Festival, Columbia University, Lawrence Conservatory, Tufts University, Adelphi University and Vasser College. She is co-founder and pianist for pulsoptional. Fitzgerald holds a Ph.D. in Composition from Duke University. She was a postdoctoral fellow and is currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Lawrence University. Fitzgerald has been on the faculty of Lawrence Conservatory, Duke University and the Duke University String School.(TIP).

Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/jenniferfitzgeraldmusic
Sound Samples: http://www.pulsoptional.org/fitzgerald/listen.php

Sat, Jan. 12th, 2008, 07:21 pm
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Kari Besharse (b. 1975)

Kari Besharse is a composer working in both electroacoustic and acoustic mediums. She is interested in finding new ways to combine the two mediums through the use of electronic processing of live acoustic instruments and the processing of sound events from everyday life. Outside of sound, Ms. Besharse also works to collaborate with the other arts such as dance, theater, and video, and bring them together with technology. She believes in using the tools given to us by technology in a meaningful way which expands the expressive power of art.

Taken From: http://www.societyofcomposers.org/user/karibesharse.html
Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/besharsemus

Fri, Jan. 4th, 2008, 01:04 am
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Carina Virang (b. ?)

Carina Virang; visual artist, work with sculpture and sound. Her interest and sensitivity about small sound and space is visualised into sculpture forms. Carinas sculptures is used as instruments to create a visual soundspace. She has been working with, Lindha Kallerdahl voice (S), Klara Stenqvist Doublebass (S), Thomas Gustavsson Saxophone (S), Fabian Kallerdahl Accordion(S), Martin Öhman Purcassion (S), Josephine Gray Dance (S), Staffan Mossenmark composer and soundartist on Sounds from Ice, (S), Birgit Kalvatn Artist Poet (N), Erik Rören, sculptor (S), Robert Steinnes, artist (N) on Nuuk snow Festival, Greenland, (1:st Price), Louise Nippierd, Jewellery Artist (N) on city reflections. Carina has two running projects right now, SILENTIUM ORGANUM, a collaboration project where form meet sound and movements. Anyone can join in shows, performances, exhibitions and so on. There are no set boundaries in any direction except the above. The project is based on freedom of expression. PROJECT SOUNDSISTER, is a fresh and new set of 3 strong individuals; Lindha Kallerdahl voice, Klara Stenqvist Doublebass, Carina Virang, sculpture and sound. Small sounds with large instruments.

Taken From: http://www.myspace.com/carinavirang
Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/carinavirang

Thu, Dec. 13th, 2007, 03:42 am
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Leah Barclay (b. ?)

Leah Barclay is a composer, new media artist and educator currently based in Queensland, Australia. She has just returned from a string of creative projects taking her across Europe and Canada and is rapidly developing a reputation as a rising talent in the international industry.

Leah holds a first class honours degree in composition from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, where she was the recipient of the Griffith Award for academic excellence. Throughout her degree she studied with Stephen Leek, John Coulter and Gerardo Dirie and more recently composers such as Alcides Lanza and Yves Daoust in Montreal, Quebec. Her pioneering honours dissertation has attracted international attention and allowed her to travel widely to pursue the development of her original analytical methodology for Acousmatic music. She has presented her research at prestigious conferences such as EMS at De Montfort University in the UK and the Society for Music Perception and Cognition Conference at Concordia University in Canada.

Leah was the founding director of ‘Zenith Studios’ where she developed a line of original educational music publications and produced numerous innovative workshops and events that have received national and international recognition. Since returning to Australia, Leah has launched a multi-platform production company which specialises in music production and composition for film, television, theatre, dance and new media in addition to facilitating workshops and master classes for youth.

Leah’s works have been commissioned for a diversity of high profile events and her music has been performed by leading ensembles and soloists in Australia and beyond. In 2006 she was the Composer in Residence for the internationally acclaimed choir The Australian Voices, during her residency she collaboratively composed the piece ‘Kore’ with Stephen Leek which was recently performed as part of the Queensland Conservatorium’s 50th Anniversary. Her electronic works have featured at major conferences and international festivals and she is currently working on projects that span from the concert hall, film and theatre to interactive installations, live electronics and new media.

Next on the agenda is producing and presenting [sonus lab] for NCR 101.3 FM, the launch of an online new media performance project, a residency in Southern Kerala, India where she will study Karnatic Vocal Music with world renowned composer Santhosh Edathua and percussion with Ashok Kumar Chengannur, before returning to Europe in May 2008 for a series of engagements. Leah’s dynamic energy and entrepreneurial flare has resulted in numerous awards, grants and scholarships as she continues to shape a vigorous freelance career in Australia and internationally.

Taken From: http://www.myspace.com/leahbarclay
External Links: http://www.leahbarclay.com
Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/leahbarclay

Thu, Nov. 22nd, 2007, 03:29 pm
carolinembreece: Artist Profile - Linda Himbert (b. ?)

Without being asked I was born in Germany and since 1999 I have been walking through London/UK. Current i am studying " Sonic Arts " @MDX University London - Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts. Since i am studying my work method completely changed from "Improvisation" to "Practice Research based" expressions in Composition and Art. I very much like this way 2work !. It's Intellectual, Academic, Fun & Fab. My passion starts with composing "Electro Acoustic Music" using sound sources such as fieldrecordings, my own Voice and many other digital tools... I've started in the field of classical music when i was six years old. Since 2000 I am also drawing " Digital Fine Art " which i've integraded in the subject of " Sound & Image " My latest positive discovery is creating "Interative Sound Installations". Here i can merge composition, sculpture, digital fine art and working with rooms and audience. I further love 2perform "diffusion" concerts but it's not that simple darling as rarely a promoter has there own/ or renting out a "Multichannel Audio System". Well see......

Taken From: http://www.myspace.com/lindahimbert
Sound Samples: http://www.myspace.com/lindahimbert

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