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womeninartmusic's Journal

Women In Art Music
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This is a community for women who are working within the area of art music to come together, discuss issues they feel are relevant to women in art music and post information about gigs, current cd's for sale etc.

I wish to bring women who are creating art music to the forefront and to show that there are a number of talented and highly creative women working in this medium. The term “art music” is a broad one, but my definition of it includes classical, electro-acoustic, experimental and noise genres. The reason I’m concentrating on this genre of music is firstly because I create art music myself, and secondly because this music has very few outlets for people to get their work heard. And so women creating art music are at an even greater disadvantage than our more popular counterparts. To this end I will be posting a different female sound artist each week to help spread awareness of our existence. I'll add each artist profile to the memories to make a database of females composing art music.
alex shapiro, alexandra gardner, alice coltrane, alice shields, alison knowles, allison cameron, alwynne pritchard, amy knoles, amy x neuburg, ana-maria avram, andrea parkins, anna rubin, anne deane, anne guthrie, annea lockwood, annette peacock, annie mahtani, barbara benary, barbara kolb, barbara monk feldman, bebe barron, bela emerson, belinda reynolds, beth anderson, camilla hannan, caroline m breece, carrie bodle, carrie gates, catherine clover, catherine pancake, cathy lane, cathy lubar bishop, celeste hutchins, charlotte hug, christina kubisch, christine baczewska, d raylene campbell, daphne oram, delia derbyshire, diamanda galas, donna parker, elaine barkin, elainie lillios, elise kermani, elizabeth anderson, elizabeth hoffman, ellen brand, ellen taaffe zwilich, ellen zweig, elsa justel, esther bourdages, eve eglarian, eve sjuva, evelyn ficarra, galina ustovolskaya, gloria coates, helen mirra, helena gough, hideko kawamoto, hildegard von bingen, hildegard westerkamp, hélène breschand, ikue mori, ingrid drese, isabel jones, iva bittova, ivanna stefanovic, jane brockman, jane henry, janet beat, janet cardiff, jennifer fowler, jennifer martin, jin hi kim, joan la barbara, joan tower, joanna bailie, johanna m beyer, joyce hinterding, joycelyn robert, judy klein, julia wolfe, julie harting, kaija saariaho, katharine norman, kathy kennedy, kirsten volness, kitty brazelton, laetitia sonami, latherina klement, laura cannell, lauren v. buchter, laurie anderson, laurie radford, laurie spiegel, leda annest, libby larsen, lidia camacho, lili boulanger, lydia ayers, maggi payne, manuela barile, maria blondeel, maria chavez, mary bellamy, maryanne amacher, megan roberts, mei-fang lin, meredith monk, michele bokanowski, miki yui, miya masaoka, moniek darge, monique buzzarte, monique jean, nadia boulanger, okkyung lee, olivia block, paulina sundin, pauline oliveros, pril smiley, priscilla mclean, rebecca saunders, ros bandt, rose bolton, roxanna panufnik, ruth crawford seeger, sawako, sheila chandra, sheila davies, sianed jones, sofia gubaidulina, steina, stephie buttrich, susie ibarra, susie kozawa, tansy davies, tara rodgers, thea musgrave, thembi soddell, unsuk chin, vania dantas leite, vitezslava kapralova, viv corringham, vivian adelberg rudow, wendy carlos, wu fei, ying-chen kao, yuko nexus6, zeena parkins